Kashmiri Kehwas Franchise

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It's an Earth-Friendly Coffee Cafe - Espresso at it's ideal, Kashmiri Kehwas, Fresh Fruit Drinks, and Salt Teas, Cakes, and Kashmiri Bakery, Beautiful Merchandise and Post Cards on Kashmir/Ladakh and The Magnificient Himalayas.  


A Complete Representation of the High Altitude Cultural of Coffee at the Great Himalayas with the taste and the scenery woven in an Eco Friendly and Earth Friendly Cafe. Kashmiri Kehwas was founded in 2009.


The Cafe fills in as a Mini-Cultural way to known and grasps the brilliant Himalayas, Ladakh, and Kashmir. This is a brand made and asserted by the makers of Kashir Lounge-The Cultural Dining Restaurant Lounge on Kashmir.


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Area Required

600-900 Sq.ft

No. of outlets


Investment Range

5 Lakhs - 10 Lakhs
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