Juices / Smoothies / Dairy Parlors Franchise Reviews & Business Opportunities

Cad-B Franchise

An extraordinary mix of thick Milk Shake with garnishes of Chocolate Crush, Nuts, and organic products. Cad-B was founded in 2005 and the franchise expansion started in...... Learn More

Lassi Corner Franchise

The brand as of now has 165+ outlets in 27 urban areas and are developing quickly across South India. Lassi Corner is a Bangalore based lassi store. They have outlets of size going from 80 sq ft to...... Learn More

Juice Lounge Francise

Juice Lounge is one of the largest Juice Bar brands in India. It has more than 30 outlets in around 20 Cities. All their products are prepared fresh with zero...... Learn More

Shake On Franchise

The brand is in the business of serving milkshakes, running with around 72 online and offline partners in Hyderabad. It is one of the fastest developing online brands, on-board with Uber Eats,...... Learn More