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Mother’s Pride Franchise

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The Mother’s Pride was launched in 1996 at PaschimVihar which was its first branch. The Mother’s Pride follows the rule of “Let Children be themselves”. The Mother’s Pride has created various activity centers for the youngsters like computer library, stage, intellectual developmental center, stage, dollhouse, ball pool, splash pool, projector room. 


Thus the infrastructure gives a refreshing environment for the kids. They create young minds with positive vibrations which helps in shaping the planet in a very better way. Events and celebrations happen regularly throughout the year which brings joy and happiness so as to form the kids feel the colors in a very different way. 


They provide co-curricular activities for the kids to stimulate their brains to become multi-talented persons. The activities include stage exposure, letters & numbers, drawing & coloring, circle time, storytelling, show (Puppet Play), dance, aerobics, nature walk, picnics, and so on.


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Area Required

1000-2000 Sq.ft

No. of outlets


Investment Range

50 Lakhs-1 Cr
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