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Little Angels Fun House Franchise

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Set up in the heavenly city of Kurukshetra, Little Angels Fun House has gained notoriety for unwavering quality and expert greatness in their field. They are a pioneer playschool that has been developed on the US rules and is completely furnished with all advanced world-class offices for the improvement of their group of people yet to come. 


The school has been built up and headed by Mr. and Mrs. Vishal Manocha, with the sole point of giving quality instruction to the little children. His vision is to take this school at the national statures like our sister concern Networth Overseas Consultants which is a brand name in study visas from the past numerous years. Little Angels Fun House wad founded in 2010.


They will probably give an organized, adaptable educational program and a positive situation, intended to meet the social, passionate, language, and psychological improvement of the youngsters. Little Angels Fun House isn't a school of information; it's a school of kids. The job of playschool is to overcome any issues between home and formal school by pushing the youngster.

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2 Lakhs - 5 Lakhs
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