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Sanfort Franchise

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SANFORT is an ISO guaranteed, U.K. idea global preschool chain having more than 200+ preschools and 12 conventional schools in 3 nations including India, Nepal, and Bangladesh in which 65+ schools are in Delhi/NCR as it were. SANFORT was launched in 2009.


The inventive educational plan of SANFORT depends on the U. K. Idea of preschool instruction which is about reasonable learning with the utilization of pretending models and innovation. They are the main preschool brand in the nation with "Genuine Smart Learning System" with "Contact N Learn" innovation that makes learning increasingly powerful and euphoric. 


They are an individual from "English Association for Early Childhood Education" – U.K. - Accreditation No. 8676 and we are an individual from "Preschool Learning Alliance" – U. K. - Membership No. 201900 which engaged them with normal reports on the development in early instruction and preparing from both of these associations time to time. 


They are the pioneer to join forces with "Trinity College-London" - R.E.C. 68135 for English language advancement of kids who are beginning to learn English and offer global confirmation in English Language at the preschool level without precedent for the nation.


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Area Required

2000-3000 Sq.ft

No. of outlets


Investment Range

10 Lakhs - 20 Lakhs
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