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Alphabetz Preschool Franchise

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Alphabetz Preschool was launched in 2014 with a primary objective to supply an encouraging and warm atmosphere that enriches basic moral values, self-concept, motivates social interaction, and enhances the notice of the cultural and natural world. With a warm & loving community of parents, teachers, preschoolers who inspire creativity, imagination, and play for each learner. 



They endeavor to nourish each person’s spirit and deliver a secure place for the kid to grow. Alphabetz Preschool has a well-structured curriculum that helps to stimulate the child's brain and develops themselves in an innovative manner through various activities and fun learning. 


Their main vision is to produce a positive environment for the kids and created to fulfill the emotional, social, physical, and mental growth of a kid. It also helps cognitive & language development of kids which nurtures them to face the challenge with self-confidence and achieve success in life.

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Investment Range

2 Lakhs - 5 Lakhs
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