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Ceeyen Chicken

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Ceeyen Chicken: Elevating Culinary Traditions by Ceeyen Concepts Private Limited Discover the essence of tradition at Ceeyen Chicken, an innovative concept restaurant pioneered by Ceeyen Concepts Private Limited. Distinguished by its hereditary chicken recipes, Ceeyen Chicken holds a unique position in the market, standing unchallenged by competitors. At the heart of our concept is the renowned 100% preservative-free Chicken Fry Masala, meticulously prepared following a time-honored recipe. Our menu features oil-free Chappathis, Chicken served on banana leaves, chicken gravy with small pieces, Chicken thokku, lime pickle, and lime juice, providing a distinctive and authentic dining experience. What sets Ceeyen Chicken apart is our commitment to quality. We exclusively use first-quality farm-raised chickens, nourished with natural feeds (cholam feeds), ensuring a halal and authentic culinary journey for our customers. The result is a dining experience that transcends the ordinary, free from broiler chicken usage. Indulge in our offerings with a minimum spend of Rs. 300 per head, including a full plate of Ceeyen Chicken Fry, five Oil-free Chappathis, chicken gravy, Chicken Thokku, lime pickle, and lemon juice. For enthusiasts, our menu extends to include Chicken liver fry, available upon request. Ceeyen Chicken franchisees benefit from comprehensive support, encompassing hand-powdered masala, online and offline marketing, sales promotion, guidance, training, billing software, and bespoke outlet design. The company guarantees a daily average sale of 1.20 lakhs, with attainment assured within the second month of business commencement. Embark on a lucrative venture by starting a Ceeyen Chicken franchise. With prerequisites including a dining space for 24 pax, a 150 sq.ft. kitchen, 300 sq.ft. for chicken storage, and other essential amenities, a minimum 1000 sq.ft. space suffices. The total investment, devoid of hidden charges, is 15 lakhs for a new outlet. Currently achieving over 4 lakhs in daily business, in a small outlet, accommodating 20 persons, stands as a testament to the business success. With a 100% monopoly, sales guarantee, low investment, and high-profit margins, Ceeyen Chicken is the ideal choice for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a thriving business venture. For further details or to express your interest in franchising with Ceeyen Chicken, contact us

Area Required

1000 - 1200 Sq.ft

No. of outlets


Investment Range

10 Lakhs - 20 Lakhs
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Ceeyen Chicken: Unmatched Excellence in Chennai's Culinary Scene Experience the pinnacle of success with Ceeyen Chicken, a business with a flawless track record. With daily sales exceeding 4 Lakhs in a compact outlet, our establishment stands as a testament to unparalleled success. We proudly offer a sales assurance of 1.20 Lakhs per day, with a commitment to achieving this milestone within the second month of operations. Our transparent approach extends to providing detailed insights into our business model, elucidating how we guarantee and surpass our sales commitments, supported by authentic records. For individuals keen on exploring this lucrative venture, we ensure a comprehensive understanding of the business dynamics and the roadmap to attaining assured sales. Ceeyen Chicken, a 100% competition-free enterprise, invites you to join a realm of proven success and unwavering commitment to excellence.