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On a desolate rainstorm evening, a blistering cup of "chai" or espresso can in a split second make you grin. A moment shot in the arm, chai, and espresso has become some portion of regular daily existence. Chai Coffi is as enthusiastic about our tea as we are about our espresso. 


So subsequent to setting up places like Koyla and Café Basilico, They at endlessness lodgings are setting up an extraordinary boutique blend house that brings the best of the EAST and the West. They bring to you a brewhouse that gives you that warm and comfortable involvement in the quality gauges of a universal chain. Chai Coffi was founded in 2011.


With a menu of mixed snack and tidbits like Panini, Zatar and road food from India, tea and espresso-based drinks from all around the globe, they would like to re-make the feelings that individuals experience over a hot cuppa, be it a first date, fun discussions with companions or even that one cup of alleviation following a monotonous day at work. 


With the intension of making a safe house for the seemingly insignificant details that lose all sense of direction in the buzzing about this large city life. They need to make Chai Coffi an augmentation of your home.

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Area Required

1000 Sq.ft

No. of outlets


Investment Range

20 Lakhs - 30 Lakhs
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