Chotu Tapriwala Franchise

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Chotu Tapriwala is a bistro styled chain of snappy help cafés serving famous assortments of teas in a straightforward yet urbane setting. It is the favored goal for tea admirers everything being equal and foundations to meet over babble or just find companions or partners. 


Here, supporters get the delight of tasting hot tea at a bistro styled setting without the stuff of a bistro. Set as tapriwala, the outlet has a fascinating stylistic theme with low wooden seats and high bar stools with open kitchen. Chotu Tapriwala was founded in 2018.


Chotu Tapriwala has a fair menu of various tea and espresso assortments, hot and cold refreshments, scrumptious tidbits, and tea backups. The tea is readied utilizing Proprietary strategies and firmly watched plans, offering an unmistakable flavor, which bit by bit has become the strength of Chotu Tapriwala.


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Area Required

600 Sq.ft

No. of outlets


Investment Range

10 Lakhs - 20 Lakhs
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