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Dream Foods India Private Limited (DFIPL) is effectively running a whole scope of cutting edge accommodation administrations including Clubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Foods Courts, Banquet Halls, Outdoor Catering Services and Hospitality Solutions under various brand names.  DFIPL is a recognized eatery brand in India which has been savoring the taste buds of foodies at Pan-India level. 


Cafe 901 by Dream Foods India Private Limited is a unique and most contemporary idea based Coffee Shop. Cafe 901 is an ideal spot to unwind, mingle, and play around with loved ones. It tries to oblige everyone, it is a solid beneficial 'Ethnic Coffee Shop Chain' Expanding across container India. This model works through the franchisee arrange. Cafe 901 was founded in 2010.

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Area Required


No. of outlets


Investment Range

20 Lakhs - 30 Lakhs
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