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Dosa Plaza Franchise

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DOSA PLAZA is fast food Joint. They have developed from a solitary organization claimed outlet at Navi Mumbai to 30+ Dosa Plaza Outlets in every significant metro in India and as yet developing. Their vision is to turn into the main brand serving customary south Indian cooking worldwide with an oriental and western taste, conveying quality food, effective assistance, and incentive for money.


DOSA PLAZA Menu comprises of a home for 104 intriguing assortments of combination dosas, broadly refreshing for a new way to deal with this customary simple food. Having trademarked 27 dosas, and the same number of new plans on their way to easy street. Utilizing the freshest of fixings our menus incorporate vegetables, rice, dairy items, and potatoes, elements for good nutritious nourishment for a solid eating routine. DOSA PLAZA was founded in 1998.


The 104 kinds of dosas incorporate global taste menus like Chinese and Mexican style dosas, for example, Schezwan dosa (Plain, Mushroom, Paneer), Mexi roll dosa, Paneer Chilly Dosa, and different uttapams/pizza style dosas.


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Area Required


No. of outlets


Investment Range

10 Lakhs - 20 Lakhs
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