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SGS Nonveg Gundu Palav Franchise

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SGS Nonveg Gundu Palav was started by Gundumuneshwara and his wife Savithri in the year 1989. The recipe of Palav was originated by Savithri after which it was followed by their sons through the years. The idea of serving Palav in the banana leaf is called Donne or Jonne in Kannada which has become a household name as DONNE BIRIYANI or DONNE PALAV throughout. The aim of the brand is to serve the taste that is favorite among the elders, youths and children. They prepare kabab and Kshatriya, a pattegar style deep fried chicken, and these chicken Kshatriya is favourite among our customers. Check out the SGS Nonveg Gundu Palav Franchise reviews in Franchise Reviews.

Area Required

300 - 1500 Sq.ft

No. of outlets

less than 10

Investment Range

20 Lakhs - 30 Lakhs
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