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Crepeteria Franchise

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CREPETERIA fundamentally serves Meal and Dessert Crepes. CREPETERIA likewise serves drinks, plates of mixed greens, fries, sandwiches, pasta. The entirety of their crepes are made new before the client. CREPETERIA was founded in 2008.


They don't utilize oil or spread in the crepe. They serve entire wheat crepes that are eggless. Their crepes can be eaten in a hurry. Their Crepes accompany multi-cooking fillings and garnishes. 


The perfect area for franchisees is high avenues, food courts, BPOs, Clubs, multiplexes. CREPETERIA is at present welcoming single-unit franchisees for Mumbai and Hyderabad and Master Franchisee for different urban communities. They additionally have the booth model i.e 'food truck' model.


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Area Required

100 Sq.ft

No. of outlets


Investment Range

2 Lakhs - 5 Lakhs
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