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Gelato Italiano Franchise

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Gelato Italiano is one of the pioneer brands in India. Gelato Italiano offers you an opportunity to reprieve free and experience an incredible taste of Gelatos at a reasonable cost. Gelato Italiano was founded in 2000. 


Today, Gelato Italiano is equivalent with extraordinary taste, newness, and reasonableness. More than 60 outlets across 10 urban communities and tallying, Gelato Italiano has caught the brains of the young in a major manner. 


Gelato Italiano's quality originates from its imaginative flavors and quality. The unequaled most loved flavors incorporate Swiss Chocolate, Gelato-Rocher, Madagascar Fine Chocolate, Yogurt Wild Berry, and New York Cheesecake. The best Gelato is newly made and served. Gelatos are more beneficial and more delicious Italian treat choices. Gelato Italiano goes above and beyond to take care of the individuals who have a sweet tooth yet need to be solid also by offering 99.9 percent sans fat sorbet.

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Area Required


No. of outlets


Investment Range

5 Lakhs - 10 Lakhs
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