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Dessertino Franchise by Santushti

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Dessertino was founded by Sunil Chelani, in the year 2008 to serve the customers with desserts and  variety milkshakes. Dessertino offers products like Milkshakes, Greek Yogurt, Thick shakes, Kulfi, Waffles, and Lassi. The thick shakes here are not just ice cream and milk blends rather, the shakes are made without ice creams using some technology created by European technocrats. After a series of research Sunil developed few techniques for milkshake preparation with different flavors. Today, Dessertino has around 32 outlets in India, and the company has collaboration with an Italian dairy which is 150 years old in order to make better desserts. Check out the Dessertino Franchise reviews in Franchise Reviews.

Area Required

200 to 1500 Sq.ft

No. of outlets


Investment Range

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