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Ecom Delivery Logistics and Shipment Services

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Ecom Delivery Limited is a leading end-to-end technology enabled logistics solutions provider to the Indian retail and e-commerce industry with seamless connectivity. Headquartered in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, Ecom Delivery Logistics was incorporated in 2014 by Vanket Saye Shivaram Singh, And K Uttam Jana with decades of cumulative experience in the Indian logistics and distribution services, catering to e-commerce marketplaces, platforms, D2C brands, and small and large online sellers. Our 12 offices and over 150+ employees with 30 channel partners deliver for more than 25,000 companies, businesses, and individuals. Ecom Delivery Logistics uses cutting-edge technology and automated solutions to enable end-to-end logistics and supply chain solutions across 29 states and 6 union territories with coverage in 1100+ cities and towns serving 18,600+ pin codes throughout India. The company provides first-mile pickup, processing, network operation, last mile delivery, reverse logistics and returns management under its flagship service – Ecom Delivery Logistics Services . Ecom Delivery Logistics Services also offers a complete suite of supply chain, storage, and fulfillment solutions under its service line – Ecom Fulfillment Services (EFS). To enable a suite of digital solutions under its service line, Ecom Digital Services (EDS), leveraging its vast network and infrastructure across India, Ecom Express provides e-KYC, cash collection, and document management and verification services to BFSI, retail and other businesses in India. Our Services:- Ship Your Dream Create a delightful online journey by optimising your
shipping process and everything surrounding it.
 1. 1. Hyper Local Delivery: Hyperlocal delivery means the intra-city delivery of products directly from the seller to the buyer in a small geographical area. Ecom Delivery provides you with multiple hyperlocal courier partners in one place through which you can ship your orders using an automated platform. 2. 2. E-commerce Delivery: Our easy-to-use eCommerce shipping platform automates your workflows across sales channels, saving you time as well as money. One shipping platform to reach everywhere With multiple courier partners at your service and 18600+ pin codes within your reach, expanding your customer base never feels like a pain. 3. 3. Same Day Delivery: Expedite your shipping and offer customers the quickest order delivery with same-day courier services. Deliver faster, better & cheaper Quick shipping solutions for digital-first brands. Improve your eCommerce business deliveries with Ecom Delivery. 4. 4. Last-Mile Delivery: Our efficient last-mile delivery services ensure that packages reach their destination swiftly and securely, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. 5. 5. International Delivery: Grow your business beyond borders Make international shipping easier with our end-to-end cross-border solutions and expand your footprint across the globe. Our international shipping platform makes it simpler to serve your international customers and make it big in the global arena. 6. 6. Bulk Shipping Cargo: Tech-enabled shipping solutions for all your heavy & bulk shipments Elevate your business with our comprehensive B2B cargo shipping solution at a single platform. Streamline the entire process and let us take care of all the heavy lifting for you. 7. 7. Warehousing and Fulfillment: Unleash the power of seamless supply chain, A comprehensive, tech-enabled, and end-to-end fulfillment solution designed for retail and eCommerce brands to streamline B2B and B2C operations, improve efficiency, and deliver a superior customer experience. With our strategically located warehouses and streamlined fulfillment processes, we help businesses optimize inventory management and reduce order fulfillment times. 8. 8. Returns Management: We offer hassle-free returns management solutions, allowing businesses to streamline the returns process and improve customer satisfaction. 9. 9. Customized Solutions: Whether you require express delivery, same-day delivery, or specialized handling for fragile items, we can tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. 10. 10. Customized Solutions: Whether you require express delivery, same-day delivery, or specialized handling for fragile items, we can tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. Let’s become
partners in growth Our partnership program earns you lucrative commissions and gives
you better opportunities to grow your business. Join India’s fastest-growing Courier booking & Sales franchisee program Launch your retail courier business with Ecom Delivery’s brand.
Provide packaging and pickup services for customers near you Join Ecom Delivery and become a part of India's leading logistics company. Book and Deliver parcels to earn money. Franchise Application Form Ecom Delivery is one the most renowned and fastest growing logistics companies in the country. We are looking for a like minded passionate group of people who can represent Ecom Delivery in their designated areas and maintain the same quality of service that we take pride in.  Becoming an Ecom Delivery franchise enables our partners to be a part of a respectful profitable business and establish themselves as successful distribution traders in the area.

Fill up the form below if you are looking for an opportunity to kick start your business and we will be delighted to discuss with you about the opportunities in detail. Ecom Delivery Logistics Franchise By registering as a Ecom Delivery courier franchise, you get an unique opportunity to open our company branded outlet or warehouse hub in your city and provide all our shipping and packing services to the customers in your city. Our extensive domestic network and exclusive international partnerships allow our franchises to book shipments to 18,600+ pin-codes within India and to 220+ countries around the world. Ecom Delivery Franchise Models 1. 1. Ecom Master Franchise (Ecom Delivery booking, Pickup points, Assisted sales through online sales, Ticketing service , Market place sales etc) 1. 2. Ecom Smart Shop City Franchise (Ecom Delivery booking, Pickup points, Assisted sales through online sales, Ticketing service , Market place sales etc) 1. 3. Ecom City Hub Franchise (Last mile Distribution operation, Ecom Delivery booking, Pickup points, etc) Income & Company Support :- FOCO Model Company’s Work:- 1. 1. Company will pay the rent of the store of Rupees 10,000/- Per Month. 2. 2. Company will pay the electricity bill of the store. 3. 3. Company will pay the salary of the staff working in the franchise store. 4. 4. Company will pay all the operational and patty cash expenses. 5. 5. Company will do the marketing, promotion, and advertisement of the franchise store to boost up the sales of the store. 6. 6. Company will provide a wide ranges of shipping services to its customers. 7. 7. Company will do the interior of the franchise store. 8. 8. Company will setup the store equipment Like Computer, Printer, Scanner, Bar Code Reader, Weigh Machine, Software Glow Sign Board, Furniture, Electric Work, Delivery Bags, Staff’s Dress, Cap, Mobile Phone with Delivery Application.

Area Required

300 Sq.ft

No. of outlets


Investment Range

10 Lakhs - 20 Lakhs
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