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Bikanervala Franchise

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Bikanervala has had gained notoriety for sustaining connections rather than basic affiliations. Having set up its first store at Chandni Chowk, Delhi in 1990. Bikanervala began spreading its wings across the country. 


The energy for food and its arrangement has run in the Bikanervala family for ages, and the siblings chose to take their preparation and customs right from Bikaner, Rajasthan to Delhi 


Bikanervala's excursion began when two siblings chose to wander past the state lines to perceive what is out there and proceeded to positively influence customary desserts. 


Today, Bikanervala is working 80 uber outlets in India out of which 15 are establishment outlets, UAE, New-Zealand, and Nepal. An organization representative, stated, "Dependability, Quality, consistency in flavor and sensible valuing are a portion of the significant highlights of the items and our items make a brand. This has been our mystery to accomplishment in brand working with a hundred years of experience pooled and introduced to the market with a client-driven methodology." 


Bikanervala has additionally as of late forayed into the universe of friendliness, with the opening of Bikanervala Boutique Hotel an excellent fragment inn with choice insides and cutting edge offices.


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Area Required

1000-2000 Sq.ft

No. of outlets


Investment Range

10 Lakhs - 20 Lakhs
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