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Shalom Float and Mind spa Franchise

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Relaxopod Systems India is the pioneer of floatation treatment in India with an indigenously structured float pod and room. As of late distributed articles in BBC, CNN, TIME, VOGUE, HUFFINGTON POST, LOS ANGELES, and NEW YORK TIMES and numerous universal dailies have secured the advantages of floatation treatment and how it very well may be the new age instrument for unwinding, the revival of body and psyche in a zero-gravity condition simply like space. Shalom Float and Mind spa was founded in 2015.


Floatation treatment is a rich departure from the consistent worry of life's day by day pressures and a characteristic method to recuperate the body and psyche. The idea is like the mineral salt showers at the Dead Sea in Israel. 800 pounds of Epsom salt is broken down into a Relaxopod (floatation case) molded like a clam with skin temperature water to make this impact.

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Area Required

300-500 Sq.ft

No. of outlets

Less than 10

Investment Range

30 Lakhs - 50 Lakhs
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