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EUROTECH is an overall dynamic maker, Import-Exporter of EUROTECH BRANDED PPR-C PIPE SYSTEM for sanitary & heating sector. Because of its extraordinary warmth dependability, extraction opposition, and simplicity of welding and establishment. 


EUROTECH pipe framework guarantees solid execution for a long time. Within the surface of the EUROTECH pipes and fittings is non-permeable and liberated from splits or crazing. This implies the surface is amazingly smooth and loss of weight is low outcomes no dangers of channel blockage brought about by scale stores. 


The one extraordinary element of the EUROTECH framework is the get-together strategy, in which the parts to be associated are welded by softening. After the welding, the funnel and fittings structure a solitary, constant body, with none of the issues which may get from potential spillage focuses. 


The gathering technique the scope of sizes and fittings accessible, the flexibility of the framework, and its amazing compound and physical properties make EUROTECH result of outstanding quality demonstrated by long stretches of understanding.


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Area Required

2500 Sq.ft

No. of outlets


Investment Range

50 Lakhs-1 Cr
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