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Taazameatonline Franchise offer with an investment of just rs. 1 50 lakh. Hi friends, taazameatonline stores now offers you a unique opportunity to become a franchise and serve 1 crore customers . join the growing business of taazameatonline as a franchise in your area . for more details apply online at the one & only ISO 9001:2015 & FSSAI certified store in Hyderabad. if you can find out an opportunity in crisis, then we r looking for you, need is an entrepreneur mindset, enough

Area Required

200 sft Sq.ft

No. of outlets


Investment Range

50000 - 2 Lakhs
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Recent Questions and Answers about Taazameatonline

Hi Friends, taazameatonline , (TMO) is a Hyderabad based Start-up serving foodies since 2016.

Welcome to, (TMO), your online fresh meat store.

talking about good things , Why Taazameatonline?

1. No Preservatives

2. No synthetic colours

3. No artificial Flavours.

4. No Reprocessed Meat or Reheated food

5. No. Recycled Oil

6. Frozen & Packed meat in a 3 layered tamper proof pack is safe as its not exposed to any other harmful agents. Freezing is a very natural process followed since ages.

7. farm grown meat or stamped meat is a safe source for meat

All fresh Ingredients, We produce based on your order, thus you always get fresh food. Your Quest for quality ends at taazameatonline.
Taazameatonline is ISO 9001:2015 certified & goes by strict fssai standards for its commitment to Total Quality Management, we use blast freeze technology to maintain the freshness.

Since 2016, Our focus is only total quality management and total customer satisfaction. Taazameatonline is a name you can Trust. You are welcome to choose from a wide range of fresh raw Meat range of Chicken Range, Country Chicken, Mutton Range ( Goat & Sheep), Fresh Fish ( Fresh River water Rohu, Tilapia Phungus ( Basa ), Prawns, Dry fish ( Dry Anchovies, Dry Prawns, Dry Bombay Duck, Dry Ribbon Fish, Dry salted fish cubes, Marinated Mackerel), Rabbit meat, Turkey Meat, Quail Bird meat, Full Duck with skin Farm Grown Pork Range, Pork Spare Ribs, Pork Bacon, Pork Ham, Pork Sausages, Pork Chops with Skin, Pork Chops without skin, Pork Belly, Pork Belly Cubes, Pork Steaks, Pork Tenderloin, Pork Meat Curry cut, Pork Minced Meat, Pork Only Meat, Pork Salami and also a wide range of Ready to Eat curries, fry, roasts, Ready to Cook ( Marinated Meat).

Frozen vegetables, Biscuits, cookies, cakes, Kitchen essentials, groceries, Pickles, Beverages, Pure Milk Ice creams and other services.

Double your joy by sharing happiness with friends and relatives, We have unique referral model where you get rewarded for extra Meat for each referral.

Check for the wonderful offers, just planned for you.

Eat Healthy Live Happy, taazameatonline.

Got Questions ? Call us 24/7!
+91 733 066 5650