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The institute Salamis, named after the inspiration of the oldest counting surviving board which was designed by the Babylonians in 300 B.C. The institute Salamis founded on the island of Salamis in 2005. 


It was designed and created using white marble. The Salamis Institute is one of the 1st companies to introduce the abacus program in India which uses the concept of learning & fun together. 


The institute Salamis comprises a team of well-trained professionals to create this famous and rapidly growing hobby class which is running successfully. 


The Salamis institute comprises the international links to the abacus organizations and a network of abacus educators who are active performers. The institute Salamis’s main motive is to spread the knowledge to the young minds about the abacus.


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Area Required

250-400 Sq.ft

No. of outlets


Investment Range

50000 - 2 Lakhs
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