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Established in 2002 with brand named as Farm Fresh Prawns (FFP) represented considerable authority in conveying extreme Fresh prawn and fish at the entryway, As one of the pioneers in Aquaculture with 2 many years of hands-on involvement with East Coast, 


FFP has aced a "round trip" in the Supply procedure: Farming, loading, gathering, Packing, promoting until entryway conveyance, Having substantiated itself as a herald in advertising from 10 years in the household fish showcasing, this solid information in showcasing aptitudes like dispensing with center men uplift the prawn business for producers till end clients profiting at standard. 


They generally remembered that they are REAL and not a financier, you can purchase on the web, they are not a global enterprise, they simply sell Fresh Prawn and Fish 7 days per week and it is the best and freshest you can discover ANYWHERE. With qualities in Sourcing and solid provider base of very nearly 78 providers across the east and west coast, began another idea in 2009 called Prawn Crunch.

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2 Lakhs - 5 Lakhs
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