Opera Multi - Specialty Tele-Healthcare Franchise

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Telemedicine is a stage bringing the Specialists, Physicians, Para-Medical staff, Nurses, and Patients along with a consistent trade of Medical Data and Specialist guidance required among the gathering for a moment and Better Health Care. They Invite Channel Partner at District and Tehsil across India. OPERA MULTI-SPECIALTY TELE-HEALTHCARE was launched in 2010.


Least Investment - Highest Return 

Franchisee for Advance Tele-human services And Diagnostic Center 

Brilliant franchisee for savvy individuals... 


In the event that any Person/Organization wishes to open Advance Tele-social insurance And Diagnostic Center, we offer altered establishment models relying on the spot and speculation limit of the concerned. With 24x7 Remote Reporting Facility, the nearness of qualified specialists at Centers isn't required. 


They are a quick-rising telemedicine arrangement supplier equipped for associating private Specialty Hospitals to remote social insurance focuses on talked and center point model for giving the telemedicine administrations.


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Area Required

300 Sq.ft

No. of outlets


Investment Range

2 Lakhs - 5 Lakhs
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