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Masti Misal Franchise

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Begun in Aug-2014, two companions met up in Pune to begin a food business; one a prepared f&b master from Dadar catering school and the other an eager financial specialist. The thought was to make a brand that would give an unrivaled involvement with eating a humble Maharashtrian dish viz. misal. Today they have a clean misal restaurant where individuals make the most of their misal. 


Their remarkable combo dishes with curd rice just as Jamun shots are extremely mainstream among their benefactors. extraordinary consideration is taken in setting up their Jain variations of the dishes which are additionally broadly acclaimed. 


They were the silver backers of the "misal Mahotsav" held in Pune in Oct-2016 and are currently a known name in the misal-circuit of Pune, however even in Mumbai where they served their misal to more than 2500 long-distance runners in jun-2017 at the tarblazer21.1 half-long distance race. 


After a ton of reasoning and trying different things with various preliminaries and models, they are going to dispatch items for misal sweethearts in India and abroad, in light of the fact that they solidly accept that "Masti misal" is the future of the misal business.


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Area Required

400 Sq.ft

No. of outlets


Investment Range

10 Lakhs - 20 Lakhs
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