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Fastclean was founded by Manoj Agarwal and it is operating under Water Care Services. The company is one of India's leading brands in the tank cleaning industry. The brand and its idea has been recognized by the Times of India, Franchising world, Franchisemart, Economic Times etc. as the best business idea of the year 2013. It is ranked to be Chhattisgarh's best tank cleaning professional and it has cleaned tanks up to a capacity of 37 lakhs litres. Water being a precious drink for humans, it needs to be preserved in a clean disinfected tank and this leads to the solution for cleaning tanks with the help of mechanized methods. This is made possible with the solution offered by the Fast Clean.  Check out the Fast Clean Franchise reviews in Franchise Reviews.

Area Required


No. of outlets

more than 40

Investment Range

5 Lakhs - 10 Lakhs
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