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Fairway Supermarket

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WHITEVILLE RETAILS PRIVATE LIMITED Fairway Supermarket- India’s largest online grocery store Fairway Supermarket is a growing supermarket in India. We are specially trained to meet consumer needs. Fairway Supermarket is an online grocery store chain that is operated in the supermarket sector in India. We have 18 stores in India. Fairway Supermarket is a growing brand in the market. Fairway Supermarket has 18+ outlets in Pan India mainly in South India and now we are expanding our brand in the northern part of India. Every day, Fairway Supermarket brings multiple products, opportunities, and services to millions of customers in India. Through more than 1 lac Sqft of many retail spaces, we will be serving customers in many cities across the country. Most of all, we help India shop, save and realize dreams and aspirations to live a better quality of life every day. Fairway Supermarket understands the soul of Indian consumers. As one of India's growing retail pioneers with multiple retail formats, we connect a diverse and passionate community of Indian buyers, sellers, and businesses. The collective impact on business is staggering: many customers will walk into our stores each year and choose products and services that will be supplied by over 300 small, medium and large entrepreneurs and manufacturers from across World. And this number is set to grow. Fairway Supermarket will employ around 60 people directly from every section of our society. We source our supplies from enterprises across the country, creating fresh employment, impacting livelihoods, empowering local communities and fostering mutual growth. We believe in the 'Indian dream' and have aligned our business practices to our larger objective of being a premier catalyst in India's consumption-led growth story. Working towards this end, Fairway Supermarket allows you to walk away from the drudgery of grocery shopping and welcome an easy relaxed way of browsing and shopping for groceries. Discover new products and shop for all your food and grocery needs from the comfort of your home or office. No more getting stuck in traffic jams, paying for parking, standing in long queues and carrying heavy bags – get everything you need, when you need, right at your doorstep. Food shopping online is now as easy as every product on your monthly shopping list is now available online at Fairway Supermarket, World’s best online grocery store. WHITEVILLE RETAILS PRIVATE LIMITED FOUNDERS Fairway Supermarket is owned and operated by Whiteville Retails Pvt Ltd. (WRL) – a company founded by Mr. Rishi Jha & Mr. Mayank Gupta is respected in the business world, they has built a company that constantly strives towards developing a deep understanding of customer needs and satisfying them with the right products. A firm believer in core business fundamentals and strong ethical values, Both has built Fairway Supermarket into an efficient, large and profitable retail chain that is highly respected by customers, partners and employees alike. OUR REACH We are present in India across 11 States

Area Required

500-5000 sqft Sq.ft

No. of outlets


Investment Range

10 Lakhs - 20 Lakhs
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With the impressive success of the current stores and being household name for happy shoppers. We have dedicated ourselves to value, range and service. Fairway Supermarket is the fastest growing chain, providing customers an interesting mix of traditional, modern and fusion retail shopping blends. The rising demand of FMCG made us aware of the market expansion and Fairway Supermarket offers an opportunity to step aboard as a partner in its versatile turn-key business model. With our safe, reliable and dependable business module and our focus on value, we assure a profitable sale and growth. Our Mission We share the Vision that our customers and stakeholders are best served by creating and executing future scenarios in the consumption space leading to economic development. We will be the trendsetters in evolving consumer brands and delivery formats and by making consumption affordable for all customer segments. We shall infuse Indian brands with confidence and renewed ambition. We shall be efficient, cost-conscious and committed to quality in whatever we do. We shall ensure that our positive attitude, sincerity, humility and united determination shall be the driving force to make us successful. Our Vision Fairway Supermarket has grown today to be acknowledged as the industry leader and trendsetter for its innovations and uniquely successful operation and service formats. Moreover, Fairway has created and perfected a franchise system which has proved to be a successful business model, spelling a win-win situation to all partners. To be the foremost Retail Brand which makes India healthy and happy, with an obsession to provide wholesome and freshest foods. Passionately deliver convenient, competitive and meaningful solutions to the evolving regular needs of the Indian consumer in a sustainable and responsible manner. Our Values RESPECT AND HUMILITY in dealing with everyone within and outside the organization. FLOW by constantly learning and being inspired by the universal laws of nature. INDIANNESS by believing in oneself and doing things the Indian way. INTROSPECTION for continuous learning, self-development, and personal excellence. OPENNESS AND ADAPTABILITY by accepting new ideas and knowledge, and being proactive in meeting challenges emerging from changing business scenarios. VALUING AND NURTURING RELATIONSHIPS with customers, business associates, stakeholders, communities and the society leadership in thought and in business. SIMPLICITY AND POSITIVITY to foster innovation, speed, and imagination .You take care of the inner beauty…leave the rest to us. OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE PLEDGE At Fairway Supermarket, we place strong emphasis on excellence in customer service. Our employees believe in the values of Action, Care and Truth (ACT) to get the job done, with Dedication and Determination. Action Focus: To be focused about what I do. Motivated: To be clear of achieving my goal. Enthusiastic: To love what I do. Care Respect: To respect every individual in the organization and provide her/him with the dignity and attention to make her/him believe that she/he makes a difference to the organization. Listen: To listen and resolve any employee / customer grievance quickly and fairly. Truth Integrity: By being open, honest and fair in all our relationships and being respectful and trustful to others. We strongly believe that honesty and sincerity are critical in achieving complete customer satisfaction. We welcome individuals who share our values and believe in leading by action.