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Compufield is said to be one of the oldest computer institutes. It was initially established in the year 1985. They offer various computer courses such as web designing & development, multimedia courses, office automation, financial application, software programming, and kid’s courses. 


They provide regular or fast-track courses according to their student’s interests. Compufield has personal counseling. It is purely based on session wise teaching, thus it has no bond for a monthly or yearly basis. 


They deliver a wide range of course according to the student’s convenience. They have taught over 50,000 students nationally & internationally. Compufield usually has an international quality syllabus for the betterment of the students. They issue diplomas & certificates which are mainly based on the practical submission of the project. 


They upload their student’s projects on Social Media & web servers. Compufield also focuses on offering courses for kids, professionals, businessmen, and housewives. The job placements will be held on different levels such as the national level, local level & internal level of quality.


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Area Required


No. of outlets

Less than 10

Investment Range

20 Lakhs - 30 Lakhs
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