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At CARS24 they make selling/ buying a car easy, swift, fair and quick experience. CARS24 was launched in 2015. CARS24 being the largest auto-tech company during this industrial domain, provides an especially efficient and reliable thanks to car owners to sell their vehicles and to shop for pre-owned cars at the fair market value. 


This can be done by getting the important value of the second-hand cars for sale/ purchase. Selling/ buying used cars isn't a straightforward task. If you've got to sell/ buy a car, normally it takes almost 20-30 painful attempts to place that used car available at the proper valuation. 


Meeting multiple buyers to sell your old car or buy a pre-owned car and most of the time face last-minute back-offs from the buyer & delayed payments. Finally, if you manage to seek out a decent buyer/ seller of second-hand cars, there are chances you stay up for several months to urge the RC transfer. CARS24 has stepped in to ensure all of the above are taken care of. They make selling/ buying used cars really convenient.

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Area Required


No. of outlets

Less than 10

Investment Range

5 Lakhs - 10 Lakhs
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