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AutoVega Introduces in India the idea of versatile vehicle care, Comfort, Transparency, Quality. That is the thing that AutoVega brings to you, at an extremely serious cost. Their pre-characterized, pre-booked administrations are conveyed via prepared specialists from completely prepared, marked vans. They use items that coordinate/surpass vehicle producer determinations. 


AutoVega is an expertly overseen organization by individuals with 20 years of worldwide involvement with the car administration industry. They give portable traveler vehicle administrations. Their completely prepared and marked vans go to the vehicle proprietor's site (home or business) and perform pre-planned administrations. 


They offer three sorts of administrations: 

InstaLube - preventive. 

Upkeep administrations, InstaShine - vehicle enumerating administrations, and InstaDent - paintless scratch fix administrations. 

Existing Problem. 


Vehicle proprietors in India have two alternatives for adjusting their vehicles approved assistance habitats of vehicle producers, and side of the road free carports. The administration fixates pass on their immense overheads of land, work, and so on to vehicle proprietors. 


The side of the road carports don't have work that is prepared for the most recent vehicles. In the two cases, issues of poorly done tasks, absence of polished skill, absence of straightforwardness in activities are in abundance. Considerable delay periods at the administration's places are likewise very normal. 


With the quick expanding vehicle populace in India, there's a similarly expanding hole between customer desire and satisfaction with regards to vehicle administrations. Autovega is a response to this hole. 

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10 Lakhs - 20 Lakhs
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