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Auto Herb - an idea created to sort out the vehicle cleaning fragment to give the network another meaning of vehicle care and specifying administrations that are not expertly followed in India. Auto Herb was founded in 2014.


Auto Herb is a brand that is actually going to change the manner in which individuals consider vehicle cleaning. It is a one of a kind automated vehicle cleaning idea where vehicles are getting spoiled by the most recent gear including high-pressure cleaning machines, shower extraction machines, powerful vacuum cleaners, and steam cleaners, and so on. 


At Auto Herb, they do plenty of research on vehicle care and support, the point is to convey the best of administration and get new ideas to the vehicle to advertise. At the outset, they are concentrating on instructing our clients about the entire idea of Clean Car Culture. They have a solid conviction that our endeavors won't just please however certainly shock our customers. 


Today automated vehicle cleaning framework is as of now a $5.97 billion business in the US with in excess of 14,414 effective Outlets. In India, it is exactly at the limit of getting. We are expecting to make the Mechanized Car Cleaning framework as fruitful as ATMs are for the banks.

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Area Required

1000-2000 Sq.ft

No. of outlets


Investment Range

10 Lakhs - 20 Lakhs
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